Here are some suggestions for things to do in the West Palm Beach area:

Anyday, go have breakfast or lunch at Chuck & Harold’s in Palm Beach - nice street lined with Royal palms - food is OK, but its just a nice way to get outside. There is an awesome quiet beach next to the Breakers Hotel - it's a locals beach. Park on Clarke Street, just next to Estee Lauder's home.

Bethesda by the Sea Church- Amazing gardens in the back- you can walk thru anytime.

The Mai-Kai Restaurant- The oldest Tiki Bar in the country. In Fort Lauderdale, about 45 minutes south on I-95). Go for happy hour, get a big drink in a coconut & walk around the entire premises. You will not be disappointed. 

Singer Islandis a must - you may find it cheesy, but have a girly drink in the evening at Sailfish Marina on Thursdays, you can visit a little art festival starting at 6pm. You can also look in the water along the dock & see tropical fish, jacks, barracuda, pelicans etc. It's really cool.

Clematis Streeton Fridays - After 11:30PM amuse yourself at this hysterical flashback 80’s newwave & goth at Respectable Street Café. Dr. Feelgood'sopened recently on Clematis Street - (owner is Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame) so it's amazing & top notch tacky. For an alternative to a boozy night out that usually ends up with an empty wallet, a sore head, and little recollection of the night - head to the Purple Lotus Kava Bar for a few relaxing shells, or next door to Hookah me Up.

If you don’t have a friend with a boat, you should definitely try to get on the water - there are several water taxi companies in the area. The water is so gorgeous and the fish are everywhere.

Peanut Island can be fun on a weekday. But not on the weekend - it can be like a nightmare frat party. 

Breakfast or lunch at Belle & Maxwell’s - an eclectic,little place, run by a guy from Park Slope in Brooklyn. You should try to get there before 1pm to avoid the crowds. There is also outdoor seating in back. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,Tuesday through Saturday.

Lake Worth is a cute place - go for a drink at Brogues Irish Bar - good people watching. Local spot.  Also, check out  Dave's Last Resort. John G.'s on the water at Lake Worth Beach. Time your visit carefully, you will wait in a long line for this greasy spoon on weekends.

American German Club of the Palm Beaches in Lantanahas an awesome two weekends of Oktoberfest. They have smaller events going on all year, check their website's calendar.

Toojays is a Jewish deli; great for for lunch. You'll find it on the east side of Lake Avenue between Dixie and Federal Highways. Lots of shops on this Street. Get some new beach gear at Island Water Sports.

If you like French Flea Market antiques, visit Danenberg Antiques. You can bargain with the owner and the two floors of inventory are updated regularly. 

Lion Country Safari is 400 plus acres of land where animals roam free as you drive thru on a African Safari. Once thru the drive you can feed Lori birds, watch animal shows, rides and water park, as well as eat at restaurant. Located in West Palm Beach itis worth the drive for the family.

On March 13 and 14, 2010 come out to the South Florida Fairgrounds for the Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association Dog Shows.  Get more information at