The least expensive way to arrive in Key Largo is to fly into Miami International and drive a rental car down the Florida Turnpike to US 1, which will bring you to the northernmost Key in a little over an hour, though depending on the season it could be longer due to traffic. If you plan to fly into Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International, you can still easily drive into Key Largo, however the trip will be about an hour longer than a Miami departure. If you want to avoid renting a car altogether, Greyhound offers a shuttle bus to Key Largo three to four times a day for approximately $30 for a one-way ticket. Those who prefer travel by sea, a natural choice considering the vast saltwater gap between Florida's mainland and Key Largo, can charter a private boat, or can sail in on their own, though the Atlantic coast can be tricky to navigate and should only be attempted by a seasoned crew. For the truly ambitious, or perhaps patient is the correct term, driving to Key Largo from home is always an option, though travel by car to Florida during the high seasons of December and spring break is often nightmarish due to hordes of travelers heading south and sky-high gas prices, thus a flight might be a more sane and economical option.