US Navy Submarine Force Museum

     Located on the Thames river, the Submarine Force Museum contains a fine collection of submarine artifacts. It is the only submarine museum operated by the US Navy. Many of the Navy's documents, artifacts and photographs relating to submarines find a home there. Groton's historic association with submarines began in 1868 when a naval yard was built on the Thames river. During World War I it was commissioned as a submarine base, and in World War II Groton became the submarine capital of the world when 75 submarines were stationed there. Groton was also the site for the launching of the first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, in 1954.

    The museum's exhibits aim to trace the history of the development of the submarine, from the first proto-submarines used in the Revolutionary War to today's modern Los Angeles, Ohio, Virginia and Seawolf class submarines. The museum is home to the USS Nautilus, the Navy's first nuclear powered submarine.

    Musuem operating hours are in the Winter from 9am to 4pm, closed Tuesday. In the summer the musuem is open daily from 9am to 5pm, Tuesdays from 1pm to 5pm. Parking and admission are free.