Before Europeans discovered Keystone, located in Summit County, the  Ute Indians lived on the land. But with the Spanish explorers journey to the west with their Coronado Expedition in 1541, the Ute Indians and their beautiful land was discovered. The area was found to be rich in minerals but, it wasn't until the1800s that people flocked to the area for mining. Many spots became semi-permament camps while others developped into real towns. 

Keystone remained more untouched than other cities in Summit County and environs. It wasn't until 1970 when Max Dercum and his wife Edna founded Keystone in the hopes of creating a winter play-land. Soon came in another couple, Bill and Jane Bergman who had an equal love for the great outdoors and winter sports. It was Bill Bergman who became the first Keystone Resort president and thus Bergman Bowl was created.

From the time of the resort's founding it has only continued to grow. With its ideal location spanning over three mountains and along the Snake River it makes for perfect ski conditions and beautiful scenery. The resort has grown to be world class and is a summer getaway resort just as much as winter, with the addition of two world renowed golf courses. With all the tourists and laid back locals the town has a lively bar scene and real sense of community.