Ghost town tours that leave from Durango, starts off with a breath taking drive to Silverton, Colorado on the Million Dollar Skyway. The impressive Molas Pass where the San Juan Mountains can be seen in all directions is one of the many highlights to your drive. Pass through the old Victorian mining town of Silverton, which was established in the early 1870's. Then venture off of the paved roads on to old mining trails heading northeast out of Silverton. Spectacular tumbling waterfalls, snow fed rivers, cool mountain air greet you as you climb in elevation. The jeep trails winds through the old mining towns of Howardsville, Middleton and Eureka as you climb to 11,200 feet. You will stop at Animas Forks to explore one of the most preserved mining ghost towns in Colorado with many buildings that are still standing surrounded by the high mountain peaks of the San Juan Mountains and rolling alpine meadows. Ponder what an adventure it would have been living in the high country in the late 1800's.  Kids have been known to find "gold" and in the early season they can even get into a snowball fight! Travel higher into the alpine tundra where you'll view the summer wild flowers shining in a rainbow of colors, especially in mid to late summer. Marmots, white-tailed deer, and elk herds may be seen as hawks and eagles keep an eye on you from above. On your drive back down to Durango, you will wonder at how early settlers ever managed to survive.

Discover the beauty of the San Juan Mountains on a scenic La Plata Canyon jeep trail tour just departing from Durango. After a short drive through historic Durango you will start to climb from 6500 feet in elevation to almost 13,000 feet. You'll see cascading waterfalls, wildflowers in all shades of colors and if your lucky some high mountain wildlife along the way. Your tour takes you on a primitive road all the way to Kennebec Pass a notch where you are "on top of the world" and have a panoramic view of the four corners Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado!