Over the years, notable architecture has filled the streets of Santa Monica. Not of all the artchitectural gems are still standing, but that doesn't mean they didn't have an impact on Santa Monica's history.

Amusement piers became quite popular in the early 20th century and Santa Monica alone had five of 'em. The 1909 Santa Monica Pier is the only one left standing on the North Bay and is an iconic symbol of the Southern California scene.

Will Rogers owned quite a bit of land in Santa Monica during his lifetime. One parcel of land that he sold to newspaper icon William Randolph Hearst (who then gave it to Marion Davies) ended up becoming the home of the Ocean House - the name is misleading, as the Ocean House was not just a house but actually a 5-building, 118 room property. Hearst had entire rooms from antique European buildings transported to the West Coast for these buildings. In 1958, most of the property was demolished, the North House (known by its address as 415 PCH) remains and has been used as a shooting location (Beverly Hills 90210, anyone?)