Saint Helena is a place where visitors go to enjoy wine tasting.  But this does not mean that everyone who heads there wants to spend all of their days with their feet up, sipping on a glass of wine.  Wine country is enjoyed in large part because of the beauty of the natural landscape it produces, and this is a landscape which many people find they like to enjoy in and up close and personal fashion.  For this reason, many travelers to the area make sure that hiking and / or bicycling are on their itinerary.

One of the best places for engaging in that type of activity is nearby Skyline Wilderness Park ( ) which contains over twenty five miles of natural trails for both hikers and bicyclists.   Travelers interested in slightly more adventurous outdoor activity will find that they can also go horseback riding at the park.   Similarly, travelers may enjoy nearby Bothe-Napa Valley State Park ( ) which offers the same activities.

Saint Helena ’s outdoor enthusiasts will also be happy to know that they are not located very far from water.   At nearby Lake Hennessey ( ) visitors can enjoy swimming and fishing to compliment the rest of their vacation.