Pasadena's weather is in a word, perfect. The average daily temperature is a beautiful 76 degrees making it the perfect place to visit year round. Of course summers are hotter and winter does not always provide swimming-comfortable weather, but in general it doesn't get much better than this.

Football fan or not, the Rose Bowl is without a doubt, the major event in Pasadena. Back in 1902, the very youth of California, the Tournament of Roses wanted to spice up their festival with a football game. The rise of interest in football prompted the construction of a grand stadium. The original was built to hold 57,000 people and Pasadena was its home. In 1923 the very first Rose Bowl took place here.

It did not take long before the stadium needed more seating. Several different add-ons throughout the years left them with the stadium of today that holds around 93,000 people and is called the "Granddaddy of them all".

Of course, it is not just the football game that takes place on this New Year's Day celebration. Many know the Rose Parade as it is aired on live television; the Rose Parade is certainly one of the country's best parades with intricate floats made of roses that fill the city with their sweet perfume.

Coming to Pasadena for this century-old celebration is the number one tourist pull for the city.