Taxis are plentiful from Oakland Airport and downtown; however, it is much easier to call for a taxi elsewhere in Oakland.

The flag drop is $3.20, and the per mile charge is $2.90 per mile.  From downtown Oakland to the airport is about $35.00.  For taxi estimates, Oakland Taxi Fare Calculator is available at


Rental Cars 

Rental cars may or may not be a good option for Oakland visitors.  Travelers generally find that a car can be useful for getting around but can also be a hassle, with parking being somewhat difficult to find and drivers on the road being somewhat dangerous.  (For more information about these issues, see .)  Another problem with renting a car in Oakland is that, although Oakland is increasingly safe as time goes by, there is some risk of damage or theft to the rental car.  (For more information about Oakland safety and risks, see .)  Visitors who do opt to rent cars for an Oakland vacation are strongly advised to obtain maximum rental car insurance in case of damage to the vehicle.

Visitors who do not rent cars for the trip will find that, although a car can sometimes be convenient in the area, it is easy to get around without one.   Taxis are easy to find and safe to use all throughout Oakland.   They can be hailed on the street without any difficulty.   Fares are standardized and cars are metered so visitors should have no problems with excessive fare.   Rates are somewhat high by national standards, but they are not unreasonable and travelers will find that the convenience of taxi use in the area is worth the additional cost.