Long beach has their own public transit system  they operated as north as Norwalk, Lakewood, Seal beach

they also have some free shuttles  in downtown Long beach  

the Pine Line shuttle operates from Long beach plaza to Shoreline Village

(with a stop at the Long beach Aquarium)

their Passport C shuttle operates from Downtown Long Beach to the Queen Mary

Passport A& D operate from the Catalina Terminal to either Los Almatois bay (A route) or

Cal state (D route [note yes this bus is free *only in the downtown area*  after it leaves

downtown Long beach the fare is 90cents per ride

Long beach transit also offers a day pass for 2.50 for  or $1.50 for disable

(you can either buy them on the bus or even in advance at the Long transit center

at 1st & Long beach on the transit mall

Long Beach also offer 2  ferries (or aquabus and the aqualink

(the passes are NOT vaild on these services 

the aqualink opeaters from the Queen Mary to Los Alamitos bay (with a stop at the Aquarium)

the aquabus services the queen Mary, Aquarium, Pine Ave and Shoreline village)

both services only operate during the weekend in the winter months -more often in the summer