Calistoga provides visitors with an efficient bus network. Lake Transit is a scheduled bus system that serves Calistoga and neighboring towns. It operates seven routes connecting communities such as Upper Lake, Lucerne, Clearlake, Middletown, Cobb, Kelseyville, Lakeport, and Uklah. Lake Transit makes connectiosn with other public transporation systems such as Mendocino Transit Authority, Napa Valley Transit, Greyhound Lines and Amtrak.

You can call (707) 263-3334 or 994-3334 for a Dial-A-Ride and they will pick you up where you are staying. You need to make reservation in advance, they require a minimum one hour notice and 24 hours notice if you need to be at a specific time at your destination. You can also call the sama numbers for a Flex Stop, to make the bus run one mile away its route to pick you up.

The local ticket cost U$ 1.00, if you ordered a Flex stop, there is an additional U$ 5.00 charge and Dial-A-Ride has a cost of U$5.00 for a same day service and of U$ 3.00 for a 24 hours in advance reservation. Regional fares are U$ 2.00 and tickets for travel out of the county are U$ 3.00. You can buy a monthly pass for U$ 30.00.