The movie Crash has shown that Beverly Hills have certain issues regarding safety. But the city can be as safe and as dangerous as any other big city in the world. There are many law enforcement officers on the streets considering that many high income families live in the neighborhood and that visitors usually carry loaded credit cards and weaar expensive clothes and accessories. The important thing is to know some of the city most common safety problems and how to proceed.

- Robbery. If you are staying at a hotel, lock the doors, check that communicating doors are secured, leave valuables at the hotel safe, avoid deserted streets, be aware of the surroundings, if you are suddenly left alone in a block, return to a busy street.

- Theft. To avoid car thefts, lock the door, don’t leave objects (even if they are not valuables) at sight, park the car in safe area, not in hidden alleys or questionable parking lots and neighborhoods, be fully aware of where you are, do some research into the neighborhood if it is new to you.

- Road rage. Avoid cutting off by making sure that you have room when you merge. Don’t tailgate, leave some space between your car and the one at the front. If you are driving slowly, use the right lane. Don’t abruptly slow down. Don’t use the horn unless terribly necessary. If you incur in some these behaviors, apologize immediately, avoid long eye contact with the other driver. Don’t make any, any obscene gesture. Make it clear to the other driver that it is your fault. If you spot an angry driver, let him go before trouble kicks in.