Nanning...The Green City

 Nanning is located in SE China, about an hours flight from Hong Kong. It is semi-tropical, so the weather is relatively warm most of the year. Summer you can easily see 90-95F, winter 70's for the most part, with cooler nights. Nanning is a good jumping off point for Tibet and Vietnam.

Nanning is a large, modern metropolitan city. The city leaders place a great emphasis in planting trees, shrubs and flowers all over the city....thus the city.  It is not as polluted as some other Chinese cities, mainly due to the lack of a lot of manufacturing/factories. They are also starting to reduce the motorcycle and replace these with electric bycicles. A trend that may be happening in other cities (Kunming) as well, as air polution is getting pretty serious in China.

There are many fine restaurants to choose from. Seafood, which is trucked in from the coast is common faire. Chicken and duck dishes are also a favorite. Taxi fares start at around 7RMB for the first mile. Thats less than a buck. It's an inexpensive way to get around.

The airport is located several miles out of town. It's about a 30 minute ride to the city at a cost of around 100RMB. There are two ways, a new Freeway and an older country route. Try not to travel the country route at night. The taxies like the older route as it doesn't cost the 10RMB they charge for the Freeway, but you should insist on the Freeway route.

There is an 'English' corner, that on the weekends you can meet other Western folks. The Nanning Hotel, near the city center Walmart also is a gathering place on Sunday morning for Westerners. Western Breakfast is served. A new place for expats is the "Just For You" Cafe, located off Minzu Blvd. It's now becoming the more popular gathering place for expats. They have a good selection of Western and Chinese food and good buffets on Saturday and Sunday. Owned by an english speaking  American/Malaysian named Adrian.

If you are needing to extend your 30 day Visa, its fairly easy in Nanning. The Visa Office is located quite a distance out of the main part of the city.  Taxi ride is about 55RMB. Remember that you must first register with the Police Authorities and get their little piece of paper so you can turn it in at the Visa Office.  If you are living anywhere other than a hotel, you will need to be registered at your place of residence. The police and Visa Office will want a copy of this document. Have two passport pictures, one for the police and one for the Visa folks. They will keep your passport for about four days for processing....another taxi ride out to get it....The cost for a Visa extentions is 160RMB.