Public transportation in Eureka Springs is not on the scale of larger towns or cities. You will not find a huge bus and subway transit system, but there are readily available methods of getting around. Depending on where you are going and what your needs are, there are different options for how to get around. Eureka Springs has a historical tour group, which doesn't sound like a form of public transportation, but it is actually a nice way to get around town and pick up some information at the same time. The price for the tour is $8.50. If you just want to get around town without any information at all, you can take the Eureka Springs Trolly Service. Unfortunately, the schedule for thet trolly changes several times throughout the year, but it generally runs between 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. A one day pass for an adult is $4.00. The area in and around Eureka Springs is serviced by the trolly company, and it is very reliable. In addition, they are clean and safe, and this is a good way to get around town with your family. If you have special needs or need a special pick up, there is also a service provided by the town that you can request.