Eureka Springs doesn't have an extremely long history, but since it was discovered and settled, it has become an important spot for many people. The region became very popular because many of the settlers in the area believed that the springs had healing powers. The first white settler to "discover" this and take advantage of it was Dr. Alvah Jackson in 1856. After curing his son of an eye problem, many others moved to the area to try to improve their health, as well as for the beauty of the Ozarks region. Dr. Jackson set up a cave hospital, and during the Civil War, many wounded soliers were brought there to try to treat them for their wounds. In 1879, the popularity of the town increased dramatically after Judge J.B. Saunders was cured of a crippling disease. The city itself was founded on July 4, 1879, and by the end of that same year the town had a population of 10,000 people. At one point, it was the fourth largest city in Arkansas. Several years later, it was declared a "City of the First Class", and the locals are proud to say that even though it is no longer the fourth largest city in the state, it is still a first class city. With culture and arts, the city continues to thrive.    Anyone seeking more detail can find much history and photos at www.EurekaSpringsHistory.Com