The culture of Eureka Springs is extremely American filled with pride and heritage. Because the town didn't truly exist until 1879, it doesn't have a very long history, but the locals in the town are extremely proud of the culture they have developed. There is definitely a presence of the Southern hospitality and respect in Eureka Springs, and the locals are very keen on being curteous and helpful to the visitors. Another big thing about the city is that religion is very important. Because of the rumored healing powers of the springs, many religious zealots moved into the area, and because of that there are many historical religious sights. Some of these include the Bible Museum and historic chapels. A lot of people also come into the city to get married because they feel it is a very spiritual town. When Eureka Springs became the fourth largest city in Arkansas in 1879, it was declared a city of the first class. Though it is no longer the fourth largest city, it is still a first class city, and the locals are proud of that. There are cinemas, theaters, and operas that are performed in the city throughout the year. This all adds to a rich culture in the area.