Those interested in gaining more information on the rich history of Williams, Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon, should definitely consider some supplemental reading.

"The story of 'old Bill' Williams: 'Scout of the Sante Fe Trail'; for whom Bill Williams Mountain, the town of Williams, Arizona, and Bill Williams River were named" by Frank Wells will definitely get you caught up on the area's history; the title alone helps! Another book along these lines, about the early settlers in this region of Arizona is "Tragic Jack: the True Story of Arizona Pioneer Jack William Swilling" by R. Michael Wilson. Also, "Bill Williams Mountain Men: Adventures of Arizona's Buckskin Trail Riders" by Thomas E. Way.

For more information on the Grand Canyon, check out, "How the Grand Canyon Became Grand: A Short History" by Stephen J. Pine. For more history and great photos try, "Grand Canyon National Park: A Photographic Natural History".

If you are simply in need of a guidebook to Williams, go for "Williams Guidebook: What to See & Do Around Williams, Arizona" by Richard K. Mangum and Sherry G. Mangum. Trail lovers should grab for "Arizona Day Hikes: A Guide to the Best Trails from Tuscon to the Grand Canyon" by Dave Ganci.

For information on the current news and events in Williams, check the local online newspaper -

From that site you can like to the "Williams Tour Guide", dated Fall 2005. It's one of those lilttle tourist guidebooks, and contains quite a few interesting articles about Williams and its history, as well as the surrounding area.

This link may also work: but if it doesn't, look for the link on the left of the Williams News site. The Guide also includes a detailed map of Williams, as well as an article about Sycamore Canyon.