Getting to Savai' i on the ferry is pretty simple. If you are taking a car across, you must book ahead with the Samoan Shipping Corporation, and during the busy times you will have to book at least a week ahead to avoid possible disappointment.

 Check out their website below for the ferry timetables and other useful information:

When catching the ferry across to Savaii it helps to know that there are 2 boats, one is big and on is allot smaller. If you notice people lining up to get on the ferry make sure you join the line and push like everyone else, don't try to be polite and stand back because there's a good chance you'll get left behind. They close the gates once they have let a certain number of people go on regardless if you have brought a ticket or not. If your really worried about getting on buy a business class ticket. If you are planning to catch a bus when you get off the ferry you'll also have to run as the buses leave almost straight after the ferry arrives.