There is now only one international airport in Samoa, so all flights arrive at Faleolo International Airport, at Mulifanua. This is about 27 kms from the capital Apia, where most hotels are. Most of the beach resorts are even further away from the airport except for Aggie's Lagoon Resort, which is about five minutes from the airport. It's the newest and biggest resort on 'Upolu.

Duty free - you can only bring in ONE bottle of alcohol. If you want to bring more, just declare them and be prepared to pay the duty.

Taxis are plentiful and easy to find. There are always many of them to meet the new arrivals! Another option is to take a shuttle bus. If you have booked in at a hotel, you may already have a transfer included.

Money can be obtained on arrival using either the ATM or one of two money exchanges which are normally open for international flights as they are where you pay your departure tax. There are also several ATMs in Apia and even a few on the way into Apia from the airport.

Departure tax is $40 tala so make sure you keep this for when you leave.

Even though it's Samoa and everyone is on "Island Time", they can be strict about check in times so make sure you are there two hours prior to the flight departure time.