Hotel Tugu. For a unique dining experience, book a meal in the Bale Sutra. This is an 18th century chinese temple that has been relocated onto the grounds of the hotel. It is now a museum/restaurant. Here is what makes the experience unique: They do NOT take more than one booking for the room. It seats 14 - but they will take a booking for 2 people. You will be the only ones in the room and charge will only be for two people (there are set menus to choose from). Needless to say - book in advance! Location: JL. Pantai Batu Bolong, on the beach. Tel. +62 361 731 701.

 The Beach House. Located on Echo Beach. The name Echo Beach is not its real name - but catching on. The correct name Pantai Batu Mejan; just ask the taxi to take you to the end of Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan. They have a Beach BBQ every night of the week. Get there just before sunset. On Sunday, there is a beach party (DJ, Dancing). Your choice of seafood (lobster, prawns, oysters, squid, fish, ...), steak, and others. All meals come with a salad bar. Budget US$4-8 a meal. Beer/wine available at good prices. If you are staying locally, it is a must visit.