Darjeeling - meaning "Land of the Thunderbolts". It stands at an altitude of 6710 ft (2045 mts), well known for its production of "Darjeeling Tea", enjoyed for its aroma, flavour through out the world. Besides the tea, Darjeeling is known for its scenic beauty, mountain ranges and small town colonial charm. Popular both for its tea and tourism.

Darjeeling can be charming little town, providing respite from the summer heat of India, this was also the reason why Darjeeling was essentially chosen to be the sanatorium for officers/soldiers/civil servants from East India Company based out of Calcutta (now Kolkata) and then came the tea which became world renouned for its flavour, lightness and aroma.

Darjeeling have changed a lot since then, the construction of the township dates back to 19th century. It is now much crowded, densely populated and more businesslike. The population increase have resulted in constuction of large buildings around teh town area and the roads could normally be jammed with vehicles during main tourist season between Sept - Oct and March - April. 

However, no matter how crowded and noisey it gets in the main town of Darjeeling, the carm of this hill station remains intact on those corners that you will witness history of the place, it's scenic beauty and age old charm. Darjeeling is dotted with Buddhist monasteries, old temples and colonial style churches, they remind everyone about the harmony that exists between religions/ethnic groups in this town. So far there hasn't been one single communial incident that has been reported. Further you push the boundaries of your travel and get out of the town is where you will find real Darjeeling, locals who cares and welcome strangers as if one of their own. 

Being on the Eastern Himalayas comes with the benefit of hosting abundant and variety of flora and fauna, some of the species found in this region are extremely rare and beautiful. If one wants to witness this then they should take on some treks around the region or even short nature walks.