Every low will end up with a high! and every high will have its low!

This cannot be more true than Mountain Biking and trekking on the hills of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is situated comfortably at the height which is more than 6,800 ft and has some beautifully contoured and winding roads, some are just dirt trails. For someone who have already done mountain biking and trekking before, it would be difficult not to think about the possibility to climb 'that hill' either on foot or even better on a mountain bike!


This activity have not been really tried and promoted in the hills of Darjeeling as it should be, there can be 2 reasons behind it - One there was no interest in this region as a mountain biking destination and Second, lack of mountain biking outfits who promoted this activity. There were sporadic groups that used to make way to Darjeeling on mountain bikes and it is always delightful to see the spirit of adventure.


You need a level of fitness to ride the bikes specially on hilly terrain, but you can still find trails that are suited to all physical fitness levels in Darjeeling. Good news is that there is an opportunity  for travellers to undertake this sport as a recreational activity for a day or even for a few hours in Darjeeling now. There has been a steady growth in mountain biking culture in Darjeeling in recent years and travellers can have the luxury to go on day trips with local guides on day trips and recreational rides all over Darjeeling. There is a great potential to do long and multi day rides also that are physically more demanding aswell. The great news is that these outfits have quality imported mountain bikes and know the hills of Darjeeling quite well to suit your fitness level. They include some great local lunch on some trips and add that extra bit of experience to top up on the feel good factor.

So, when you're at your adventure best in Darjeeling and would like to try out something different, try Mountain Biking and enjoy the side of Darjeeling that is less explored and still very less crowded.