Darjeeling is of-course globally famous for its tea, its magnificent mountain ranges and a cooler climes when rest of the northern and southern Indian plains are hot and heated. Go for morning sunrise from the Tiger Hill, take a joy ride on the Toy Train, Visit the monasteries and take a walk on the famous Mall Road. These are normally what a traveller does while they are in Darjeeling, one at a time and trying to find out frantically searching for 'what next' on the guide books.

And this is where comes the idea - "why not a combination of different activities on a single go?". Most of the travel agents would not like to promote such an idea simply because it is either too much work for them to organize such a thing or it just does not reap them good enough profit, so why do it? But fortunately there are some who have started to look into these aspects of travel and are fairly successful in running trips that are combination of adventure, culture, history, heritage etc. 

Kantchendzonga Massif

Travellers can actually achieve much out of their holidays in the Hills of Darjeeling, and there is so much on offer that you'll actually have to extend your stay (if you do not have a flight to catch the next day). Combine river rafting with short hikes and short hikes with mountain biking trips and the mountain bike rides with community stays and all these and more but still not missing the major attractions at the same time. Of-course you'll not be able to achieve all these in one single day, but if you plan it well then you can. Presumably you'll have the best time and a fairy successful holiday in Darjeeling if you can combine all these.

Travellers are all here to experience the adventure, the culture, the heritage and the history of the place... a good traveller can combine these into one single package. 

Darjeeling is not just about Monasteries and it's World famous Tea or the Toy Train, and the mountains. There is much more to it. Go forth traveller and experience the "Real Destination".