Ubbalamadagu Falls (also known as Tada Falls) is is a great water falls, and is still a well kept secret. This is a great place for those who love trekking. 


Chennai is nearest international city. It is located around 70 kilometers from  Chennai. To reach the water falls you should go via Varadha Palayam (4 kms from Tada - Andhra Pradesh) which is the nearest town. What ever you need during the trip, this would be your last stop to buy it. From Varada Palayam Bus terminus, there will be a left (near a drain water canal) which would be 400 mts away. From there the falls is around 14 kms in. Just follow the road and you will reach the falls. The road is good for around 8kms. after which the real terrian starts and it is really dusty road ahead. There is no problem when you are travelling on a good sunny day, else it will turn into a nightmare.

Time to Visit:

This falls is a non-perennial waterfalls. The best time to visit would be from September to February. But make sure you go on a Sunny Day. It is really a hard terrain. 

Plan that you go there early in the morning, so that you can return back early and safely to your home. The falls is open between 8am and 5pm.

Things to Carry:

Take your trekking shoes, A long stick to climb the terrain, a camera, water, food you need, ropes. 

Note : Pack everything you need during the trip into one single bag, it will make your trekking much easy .  

Best Features:

It is a really wild terrain. There are numerous places  where you can take bath in the running stream. It is a memorable experience which must happen once in a life time. It is a promise that "this trip will be adventurous".

The mountain top view ... is really spectacular. 


This is a remote area. It is advised to go in group (at least 5-6) to ensure your own safety. There are guards in the base camp. It is advised to hire a guide from the base camp, who will help you find the easiest way to reach the mountain top.

Great place for a weekend adventure trip.