With a populations of 3.5million (as of 2016), Jaipur is a city of people, people, everywhere. This means traffic, congestion, and crowds, and there are times you will get somewhere faster on foot than in a vehicle.

Bicycles are hands down the least expensive way of getting around the city, but then again, they are the least safe as well, so never mind. Elephants are slow, but they will get you where you want to go, and people will definitely move out of your way. In reality, transport-by-elephant really is an option for tourists in Jaipur. Camels, too.

But if none of the above options appeal to you, consider either a motorized or bicycle-powered rickshaw. The former is India's version of a taxi, and because of its size, is more efficient on the country's crowded streets. A bicycle-powered rickshaw is smaller, but costs less and is pollution-free, if that is a concern.

State Roadways Transport is India's official bus service, though several smaller mini-bus companies serve Jaipur also. The mini-buses are often packed, and even on the larger buses, you'll see passengers (mostly men) riding atop the buses, making them impromptu doubledeckers.

Car Rental is really the only sane choice for getting around Jaipur. Even better, hire a chauffer, who's experience will allow better maneuverance around the bicycles, rickshaws, elephants, camels, and bipeds you're sure to meet along the way. A Public bus service has been started by Jaipur City Transport Services with new clean buses running on 8 different routes and with regular services and affordable fares. There are also Radio Taxis available which charge from point to point service on per km basis.