Keema Bati: A unique (Spicy) Rajasthani Dish. Available at Handi and Spice Court.

Jungle Maas: Mutton made in desi ghee and whole spices. Available at Spice Court.

Laal Maas: A spicy mutton curry. Available in many restaurants but recommend it at Saffron- Marriot & Spice Court.

Soola (Mutton): A Rajasthani version of Mutton tikka. Made to order- at mehrunisa's are the best. But its also nice at Handi & Spice court.

Pyaaz Kachori & Mawa Kachori: Rawat

Ghewar & malai Ghewar: LMB/ BMB/ Sodhani

Gatta Curry: Niros/ Natraj

Mawa Naan: Sharma Dhaba

Daal Baati Choorma: Rawat

Very Unique varieties of omelettes: Sanjay Omelette

Galauti Kebabs: Saffron, Marriot

Amazing Grilled Kebabs and Indian main course (Indian Buffet): Barbeque Nation & Spice- Country Inn & Suites

Gulab Jamun: The world's best gulab jamuns are available at Natraj-M.I. road. They are so amazing and soft that you would love them even cold.

Chaat: Chawla sweets-Raja Park or Gopalji's- utside, city square, bhagwandas road, 100 meters before Rajmandir.

Lassi both sweet an salty at lassiwala on MI road.  Note, there is an entire row of shops, calling themselves LassiWala along the MI.  The original shop is supposed to be the one on the far left, shop 312, when facing the LasiWala shops from across the street. 

sevpuri: typical mumbai style sevpuri, inside city pulse mall just before westside store