Arriving by Air

International travelers arriving by air will land at Chatrapati Shivaji International (BOM) Airport .  Mumbai Airport has two terminals.  The international is Terminal 2 aka Sahar Airport and the domestic is terminal's 1A & 1B aka Santa Cruz Airport. Most international flights in Mumbai arrive late in the late evening/early morning.


The BEST's bus number S-3 runs at these times ferrying passengers from the airport to the Fort, Fountain and Colaba Areas (South Mumbai)


Currently as of December 2010 , the only way to get a taxi out of the airport is to take the pre-paid taxi to your destination. These are government-approved taxis, very reliable, have fixed rates for different locations in Mumbai. You can choose between non-airconditioned (black& yellow in color) and airconditioned (blue in color) e.g International Airport to Prabhadevi (non AC fare = INR 350)  The fare is paid at a kiosk before the exit gate of the airport where you book the taxi, you are given the taxi number and then you take right from the exit and find the taxi with your number on it. You don't need to pay extra money even if the drivers ask for whatever reason they come up with.

Do not let any "porter" try to take your bags/trolley.  They can get very demanding for a tip for wheeling your trolley no more than about 50 metres and for which they insist on the tip being paid in dollars, pounds or euros. Sometimes as u drive out in the car, security may note ur name and destination and taxi number for security purposes.

There are two types of taxis - (1)Black and yellow color  non-air-conditioned (2) Blue color air-conditioned. Both have meters and are compulsorily to use them. AC taxis cost one-and-a-half times more than the AC ones. The old and shabby non AC taxis are being phased out by the Government. The new non AC ones have a electronic meter which shows the exact amt of money u need to pay the driver. There are a few on-call taxis (AC) which can be ordered over the phone/internet to come for a pickup at any particular spot for no extra charge.

Mega Cabs

Meru Cabs

Gold Cabs

Arriving by Train

Travelers by train (Central Railway) will either arrive in Victoria Terminus(VT), Dadar Terminus or Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (Kurla). Western Railway Terminuses are located at Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus. The Kurla and Borivili Terminuses are at least 1-1.5 hours away (by Taxi) from the prime tourist areas of Fort and Colaba.  To get out of VT, Dadar, Mumbai Central u need to use the local taxis (info same as above) and for Kurla & Bandra terminus u can use the taxis as well as rickshaws (three-wheeler autos) The rickshaws do not have a electronic meter.

Be aware that when departing you may not be allowed in the international terminal until 3 hours before your flight, so plan connections from the domestic terminal and local trips to the airport accordingly.