The four main options for public transportation in New Delhi are bus, the metro, taxis and autorickshaws.

There are over 2000 public buses serving New Delhi, but they are not considered comfortable and convenient by Western standards. Although now couple of buses have airconditioners also.They are red in colour.The green buses are without AC. The buses are usually overcrowded with little sitting room,and very hot if not airconditioned.  They are however cheap and service many routes.  For more information, visit the Delhi Transport Corporation .

The New Delhi metro system is the newest form of public transportation in the city, and rapidly becoming the most popular. It has been touted as Asia’s best rapid transit system.  It is fast, efficient, fairly priced and environmentally friendly.  Currently there are 6 lines around the city covering many stations.  A route map is available at Metro Map.  A fare chart is available at Metro Fares .  For complete information, visit the Delhi Metro Home Page:

The most comfortable way to get around New Delhi is by taxi, however this is the most expensive option as well.  There are thousands of cabs operating in the city and are not hard to find.  Rides can be pre-arranged in hotels or found on the city streets.  Fares are determined by either meters or negotiation.  If choosing to negotiate, make sure to agree on a price before beginning a trip.  If a price cannot be agreed upon take another taxi, as there are plenty to choose from.

Auto is another form of transportation which are cheap and convenient to travel in.3-4 people can sit in one auto with a driver.Autos can be found anywhere.They are yellow in colour.One doesn't have to wait for them. Auto fares too like taxi can be determined by either meter or negotition.(although insist on going by the meter.)

Below is a fully offline tool for solving travel problems in Delhi NCR. The tool gives the user suggestions for how to travel between different points in Delhi using Public mediums of transport only
It judges which are the best options.



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