Expect to use both land and water transportation while getting around Bocas Town and the surrounding islands and mainland. While in town, the best way to get around is by bike. You can always walk as distances are short, be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

There are some small buses and taxis that you can take by just hailing them on the street. The buses take locals to the inland villages and visitors to the beaches. There are also many hotels that always have taxis coming to them, so you can walk right out of your hotel and hail one. The water taxis are also hailed from the coast. Some are quite simple wooden canoes and others are fiberglass motorboats that can take more than ten passengers. Travelers can also hire these boats for short  and day trips. Beware of the cost of the ride on both land and water taxis before boarding.  

There are taxis that connect Bocas Town with the mainland (Almirate and Changuinola). There are two companies providing this service: Taxi 25 that leaves from First Street and Bocas Marine Tours  that leaves from Third Street  in Bocas Town. They charge U$3 and U$5 respectevily for a one-way trip.