Expect lots of rain in Bocas Town. It is no wonder as it is Tropical weather that you are talking about. It rains all over the year, though August is a month when it rains more than the average. There are two formal rainy seasons: one going from May to August and the other one from November to January. There are also two formal dry seasons: one going from February to April and the second in September and October. In short: it rains a lot year round.

Because of the frequent rain, be prepared for mosquitoes and other bugs and the stings that they will enjoy in your skin; take repelent, it helps.  

The sun is bright and guarantees hot weather that the rain cools down and it is usually welcomed after many sunny days. Be sure to have a good sunscreen with high SPF protection. A hat is required as well although it will be difficult to avoid a nice sun tan even if using protection.

The average annual temperature is around 27 centigrades/80 Farenheit. Expect to feel that itis even hotter due to the high levels of humidity in the air.