Bocas Town boasts a multicultural identity given by the blend of Indian, Spanish, English and French speaking West Indians, Germans and Americans.

Bocas Town original inhabitants were the Ngobe-Bugle, Teribe, Bokota and Bri Bri. Many died upon the arrival of the Spaniards in the XVI century. Those interested in knowing more of these original ethnic groups can take a look at Francoise Sinclair's Prophetic Movement in the Panama's Ngobe.

The Spaniard presence is not only evident in the fact that Spanish is spoken abut also in the rich architecture that gives its uniqueness to Boca Town. Architect Samuel Gutierrez analyses that influence in his book Caribbean Architecture.

As well, the imposing presence of the United Fruit Company that owned most of the islands lends its flavor to the town. The island's literary works take those experiences as a basis for short stories, novels and scientific research such as Bananeros in Central America and History of Hospital Point by Clyde Stevens.