Munnar is an amazing place to spend the holidays full fledged. It gives you all the way to enjoy the mother nature. There is such programme which gives you an opportunity to blend with nature. It is about “making one cup of tea” programme conducted by a trekking group. Mr. Augustine is coordinator of the programme.

This programme is scheduled at a property in rural part of Marayoor  called Talayar Property. You could see only the tea estates everywhere. You will be guided towards a tea field. Here, you can women plucking tea leaves. You can join them and collect the leaves plucked by you in a basket provided to you.They will also instruct you to how to pluck only the tender leaves (that is one or two front leaves). After the plucking of tea leaves you will be taken to the property bungalow to have refreshment. Also the luch there. After the lunch, there will be a briefing about the tea estates, tea processing and the history of it. After which, you will taken to tea factory. There they will show you how the leaves you had plucked in get processed and made into tea. It is an amazing feeling seeing your own plucked leaves processed into tea powder. Then, they hand over the powder to you, which can be either taken by you or made into hot tea there itself.