There are two major events taking place each year in Guayaquil which travelers may want to make it a point to try to consider when planning their vacations to the area.  Both of the events are multi-activity festivals which are geared towards celebrating the city on national holidays.

The first of the two events celebrates the foundation of the city of Guayaquil.  It takes place on the last weekend of July of each year and is enjoyed by summer travelers spending time in the area as well as by locals for whom the holiday is important.  It includes music, feasts and other activities some of which incorporate historical traditions and some of which are merely modern fun.

The other event takes place in the beginning of October and celebrates the independence of the city.   As with the independence celebrations of many countries, this festival includes fireworks.   There are also numerous other activities taking place in conjunction with this event, usually over the course of a three day weekend.   A majority of these events take place in the well-known neighborhood of Malecon 2000.   More about this neighborhood is online at .   More about the event can be found at .