Dolphin watching

 Not many people know that  the Gulf of Guayaquil has one of the greatest concentration of bottle-nose dolphins in the world. Guayaquil has dolphins all year round, and people who go out in boats in this area say that it is extremely unusual not to find dolphins in any trip. Bottle-nose dolphins love people, and it's a spectacle that moves the hearts of even the coldest people seeing these marvelous creatures jumping and swimming next to the boat.

And the best is that there are no Sea Worlds here; dolphins are happy, in their natural habitat.

There are a few people that offer trips to watch dolphins. One is a community project called EcoClub los delfines, based in Puerto El Morro village. Puerto El Morro is a village neighboring Playas,1.5-2.0 hours from Guayaquil. These people charge $5-10 per person, but you have to arrange your own transportation. Another option is a villager of neighboring island Puna, Franciso Parrales, who offers dolphin trips departing from Posorja, around the same distance from Guayaquil. Francisco charges per trip around $25 for a one-hour ride, up to 8 people. You can also hire a tour operator who will pick you up in Guayaquil and take you there. I know of Ecua-Andino Planet and Hamaca Tours.

Guayaquil is for most people no more than a gateway to Galapagos, but this dolphin watching opportunity makes it a reason to stay in Guayaquil a day or two. In Galapagos there are dolphins but it's not guaranteed that you will find them. 

EcoClub los delfines's email (I am not sure how often they check it) is, and their phone # is (04) 252-9496.

Franciso Parrales phone # is 09 710-3462. He is supposed to get an email soon. If you want to have it, write me to

Ecua-Andino Planet's web site is

Hamaca Tours web site is