Prices of nearly everything in Guayaquil are radically less expensive than prices of comparable items bought in most locations throughout the world, especially in the homes of origin of most tourists, so visitors often enjoy doing some shopping while they are in the area.  One of the most popular items bought in Guayaquil is the Panama hat, made locally by artisans there, but other handicrafts are also quite popular.

The best store for purchasing those hats is widely considered to be the Sombrero Barberan which is located at 1 de Mayo 112.  The best stores for other handicrafts are the Mercado Artsanal and the Artesanias del Ecuador.  The former has two locations, one at Loja and Montalvo and one at Cordova and Chimborazo.  The latter is located at 9 de Octubre 104 and Malecon.

Speaking of Malecon, this street is the most popular place for doing a wider range of shopping, including shopping for souvenirs.  At the south end of the street is the Centra Commercial Malecon 2000.  Throughout the rest of the street are various other shops.

Travelers seeking more expensive goods may find that the pottery sold at Ceramica Vega Urdesa meets their needs.   Travelers seeking more of a mall environment will find the Mall del Sol is more their style.   Additional information about malls in this area can be found online at .