Before considering the opportunity of enjoying any of Guayaquil’s nightlife, travelers should take in to consideration that there are safety risks inherent in travel to the area and these tend to be exacerbated by exploring the city at night.  More information about these risks is available online at .  

Women are particularly advised to be wary of partaking of the local nightlife, especially if they are traveling alone or with other female friends, and particularly if their nightlife tastes lean towards drinking.  Do not accept drinks unless you watch the bartender make it and hand it to you.  Do not leave your drink alone.  There is a substance that they use for date rape and other abuse.  It comes from a local flower.  This substance works within seconds.  You will not remember what you did.  You will wake up the next day with a headache.  Never leave the bar alone with a stranger (male or female).  Never take a taxi to a bank and then travel to a bar.  Never take a taxi that is not yellow, or you do not have the telephone number.  There are good taxis.  Ask for the business card at the desk of your hotel or ask the hotel to call the taxi service.  Ask questions.

That said, there is an active nightlife in Guayaquil and adventurous visitors may wish to enjoy it.   It should be noted that, in contrast with other activities in the area, prices of the nightlife spots in Guayaquil are comparable to prices of similar spots in larger international cities. For example, one of the nightlife hot spots is Plaza del Sol, a big square near the airport, just in front of Mall del Sol and other major hotels such as Sheraton and Hilton, which is home to several different bars and small discos, most of them offering the pay as you drink feature. Other than Plaza del Sol, the major spot to go bar hopping is Urdesa . Another enjoyable area is north of the airport.  The area of Samborondo is nice.  There are restaurants and bars.  The cost is much more.  The average beer price is $2.50 glass of 12 oz.  Travelers interested in more off-the-beaten-path nightlife options should see for ideas.