If at all possible, travelers should avoid heading to Guayaquil during the rainy season, which begins in January and continues through April.  It is unpleasant during this time, not only because everything is wet (or at least damp) but also because it is still warm in Guayaquil in terms of actual temperature and this creates a thick fog of humidity which can be overwhelming.  Travelers who do travel to the area during this time are strongly advised to make sure, in advance, that their hotel has appropriate air conditioning.

In contrast, the rest of the year, other than the rainy season, is quite beautiful in Guayaquil in terms of the weather.  Beginning in May and continuing all the way through December, the area is warm, but not uncomfortably so.  It is especially enjoyable in November and December when travelers coming from cold weather areas will find the warmth to be particularly welcoming.

As far as specific temperatures go, the rainy season in Guayaquil tends to have an average day time temperature of just under one hundred degrees.   This feels even warmer due to the humidity.   The average day time temperature during the rest of the year is approximately eighty degrees.   Updated weather information for the area is available online at http://www.wunderground.com/global/st... .