Travelers frequently find that it is useful to stop at the local visitors center of their planned travel destination upon arrival in the area in order to get a better sense of what is going on at the time of their vacation.  This is especially useful for travelers spending time in Guayaquil because the area, although generally safe, does have some inherent travel risks and travelers can get updated information about those risks by talking to the customer service representatives at the local tourist office.

The office is different from standard visitor’s centers in that it does not cater to the schedules of travelers and is not open on weekends.  However, it does maintain a somewhat convenient schedule of open hours on weekdays from eight thirty in the morning until four thirty in the afternoon.

The office is located at P Yacaza 203 and Pichincha, in the Banco Pacifico Building .   It is on the fifth floor and travelers will find that it is relatively easy to find if they follow the signs indicating the “ministerio de turismo”.   Travelers may be interested to know that this building is also home to a local history museum which may be an excellent stop before or after the trip to the tourist information office.   More about this museum can be found online at .