The principal way to get to Paraty is either by car or bus.  However it is also possible to charter a helicopter for significantly higher cost.

There are several roads from Rio de Janeiro and other locales. São Paulo is 330km to the south-west of Paraty while Rio de Janeiro is 230km to the north-east. Buses to and from Angra dos Reis, São Paulo and other cities maintain a regular schedule. However, one should keep in mind, the drive to Paraty is not anywhere close to glamorous. It takes 4 hours from Sao Paulo over a steep mountain pass. When leaving from Rio, it is recommended to leave early in the morning to ensure safe driving circumstances. The road is narrow and winding, the signs are not always clear and if it is raining, it is difficult to drive.

Another option, though most expensive, is to organize a privately owned boats or charter to Paraty. There are also some cruise lines stop here as a port of call. This point of entry allows travelers to see the legendary inlets and beaches that surround Paraty.

From São Paulo To Paraty

Shortest Route (290 km)
From São Paulo to São José dos Campos via Dutra (or Ayrton Senna). In São José, get on the Rodovia dos Tamoios highway to Caraguatatuba. In Caraguatatuba get on the Rio Santos highway to Paraty.
São Paulo - 100 km – São José dos Campos – 80 km – Caraguatatuba – 110 km - Paraty

Route with less Traffic (300 km)
From São Paulo to Taubaté via Dutra (or Ayrton Senna). In Taubaté get on the Rodovia Oswaldo Cruz highway to Ubatuba. In Ubatuba get on the Rio Santos highway to Paraty.
São Paulo – 140 km – Taubaté – 90 km – Ubatuba – 70 km – Paraty

Route with no Traffic (280 km):
From São Paulo to Guaratinguetá via Dutra. From Guaratinguetá to Paraty via local highway. There is 10 km of dirt road in the mountains between Cunha and Paraty. To be avoided on very rainy days.
São Paulo – 140 km – Taubaté – 90 km – Ubatuba – 70 km – Paraty

Viação Reunidas Paulista (24) 371-1196 or (11) 6221-8811
São Paulo x Paraty: 8:00h, 12:15h, 16:00h (not available sundays), 21:30h
Paraty x São Paulo: 9:40h, 13:40h, 16:40h (not available saturdays), 23:40h

From  Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

Best Route (210 km):
From Rio de Janeiro direct to Paraty via Rio Santos highway.
Rio de Janeiro – 210 km – Paraty

Viação Costa Verde (24) 371-1326 / (21) 233-3809 / (21) 2516-2437 (from 7h to 21h)
Rio de Janeiro x Paraty: 2:40h, 6:00h, 9:00h, 10:15h, 12:30h, 14:00h, 16:00h, 19:00h, 21:00
Paraty x Rio de Janeiro: 4:00h (not available sundays), 6:00h, 7:40h, 09:30h, 12:00h, 14:00h, 16:00h, 19:30h, 21:10h 

Viação Normandy (24) 371-2090 / (25) 32-3666 / (21) 263-9424 (from 8:30h to 19h)
Rio de Janeiro x Paraty: 01:00h, 11:50h
Paraty x Rio de Janeiro: 8:30h, 23:00h