You don't have to even be American to know that Texas is hot! Summers in Arlington are a great time to visit but, that said be prepared to stand the heat! Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses will have to become a regular part of your daily regime if out and about over the summer months in Arlington.

Summer temperatures climb to an average of around 95 degrees. Dressing lightly and drinking plenty of liquids is a must to maintain your health in this weather. If you or anyone in your family or travel group  has trouble with such high temperatures, you may want to consider coming in the more comfortable seasons of spring and fall. Even winter is a good season in Arlington. Averages are around 60 and can get slightly lower or higher depending on the day. Spring and fall bring weather in the 75 degree range of perfection and may suit your family best depending on sensitivities.

Because of the hot weather, Arlington is predominantly a casual culture so feel free to wear casual wear and put sun protection as a priority.

You may wish to plan your trip not only around weather, but also the chance to see a Rangers baseball game or during a festival such as the famous Texas Scottish Festival held in June.