The history of Arlington and the state of Texas holds some of the Western tales that we love to fantasize about. Ask a local to tell you about the city or the state's history and you are likely to get an earful of varying stories. But if you want the truth and you are interested in this great state and city's history, reading up will catch you up significantly.

A great place to start with Texan history is with what else but, "The History of Texas" by Robert A. Calvert, Arnoldo De Leon, and Gregg Cantrell or "A History of Texas and the Texans" by T. R. Fehrenbach. Or, if you are more interested in the Native American history, check out "The Native Americans of Texas" by Grace Stamper.

The stories of the area's Native Americans can make for a beautiful read, many can be found in "Hold Up the Sky: And Other Native American Tales from Texas and the Southern Plains" by Jane Louise Curry and James Watts.

Part of the reason Arlington grew to the numbers it did, is due to the Texas and Pacific Railway that was built through the city. If you are interested in how major railways shaped the state, you might also be interested in "Whistle in the Piney Woods: Paul Bremond an the Houston, East and West Texas Railway by Robert S. Maxwell.