Male itself, a city of miniscule square mileage, is where to do shopping, where to live and stay—but since the capital actually has no beaches, as seawalls surround all its sides, visitors to the city often find themselves going elsewhere in the Maldives for a day to engage in the aquatic sports and activities Male’s residents and tourists love.

Scuba diving is an incredibly popular pastime of vacationers to Male.  Dive schools conduct lessons in multiple languages and skills, including underwater photography and night diving.  Daily diving in reefs is overseen by the most expert and equipped businesses around so as to make for a most safe, educational, thrilling seeing of the sea.

Snorkelers traverse the shallow areas, and equipment for this underwater activity is available at all Maldivian resorts.  

For those in Male wishing to stay above water, at least a little more so than the divers and snorkelers, surfing will let you get in more sun.  Most surf breaks are in Male Atoll, so staying in a resort at or near Male makes an excellent choice for surf aficionados.

For non-athletes, or just those of us who would prefer not to get so wet, the Maldives is one of the top five places on earth for whale and dolphin watching, with more than twenty species circling surrounding waters.  Spinner dolphins are extremely common and typically seen on such outings.  Other wildlife to be seen include orcas, dwarf sperm and melon-headed whales as well as bottlenose, spotted, and striped dolphins.

Fishing and submarining make for further oceanic activity to preoccupy visitors to Male.