The popular Shopping destinations in Kuala Lumpur are:



Bukit Bintang area has loads of shops to suit all purses, eateries of all standards, a selection of bars, and good local transport connections for sightseeing.  The area is always vibrant at night. The largest number of malls are located around Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The Pavilion is Kuala Lumpur is the latest and largest shopping mall to open in the Bukit Bintang area. It has has over 1.37 million sq ft of shopping space with an exciting array of designer brands, cosmetics and fashion goods among the retail outlets. There are many brands to choose from including the two flagship stores Isetan and Parkson. An entire basement level is dedicated to food lovers with its Food Heaven floor. 

Starhill Gallery is an upmarket shopping centre which specializes in luxury and designer brands such as watches, jewellery, fashion and leather good. There is an art gallery for art lovers and many trendy restaurants. Believe it or not, the main attraction here is actually the public toilets!! Hoards of locals take a long trip all the way here just to try out the "Flintstones toilet". The toilets are designed in a manner that you have to pump the water out of the well by hand if you want to wash your hands. Check it out! 

Sungei Wang / BB Plaza is a little further along Bukit Bintang and are a more "local" shopping centre which sells a large variety of stalls in a huge shopping center. This shopping center has some excellent hair salons, beauty salons - manicures / massages / treatments , tailors (you can use The Page for suits and Lester Wong for women) and plenty of stalls to purchase all electrical items,  optical products etc you might ever want.  These two malls are the place to look for wild and unorthodox fashion with a distinct Chinese flavor. You can also get a good number of electronics, especially cell phones and other mobile accessories. In addition, there are a large number of Chinese restaurants and avant-garde cafes where you can feast on some delicious food. As the space is tight, weekend visits can get pretty claustrophobic with the sheer amount of local shoppers. 

Berjaya Times Square is one of the latest shopping malls. With a massive 3.4 million square feet in total build-up area, the mall is stacked with shops galore. The mall accommodates up to 1,000 retail outlets with 65 of them being restaurants. In addition, there is an indoor theme park called the 'Cosmo's World Theme Park' and a massive 2D and 3D cinema theater dubbed the ' Imax Experience'. Stores within the building range from fashion to toys and books to musical instruments. The rest of the block gives room to the Berjaya Times Hotel.

Low Yat Plaza is the technology place, the entire plaza is made up of technology retail outlets and stalls with MP3 players, DVD cameras, computers and etc. There will always be exhibitions of the latest tech on the ground floor (to help whet your appetite and loosen your purse strings).  Here prices are very much negotiable; never take the first quote.  Generally, the higher you go up the levels, the lower the price will drop.   DO REMEMBER THAT IF YOU BUY GOODS AND TAKE THEM OUT OF MALAYSIA YOU ARE ONLY COVERED BY A INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY WHICH IS WORTHLESS!!  Check prices on-line of products before you arrive in Malaysia as they may be as cheap if purchased in your own country, plus you are covered by a decent warranty!


The plus side to Bukit Bintang is that is has the monorail which runs from KL Sentral, via edge of Chinatown, Times Square, Bukit Bintang, Bukit Nanas, round to Chow Kit, so is well connected for sightseeing and transits.  The nearest monorail stations are: Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang. 



There is a covered walkway that connects Bukit Bintang to KLCC.  Starting at the Pavilion mall, you walk between the entrance to the mall and where all the bars and restaurants are, over Jalan Raja Chulan, then follow the signs. It is well sign posted along the walk way, which is covered and air conditioned, there are several exit points en-route. It takes you to the KLCC convention centre. From there you walk down some steps into the basement where the aquarium is at KLCC and then follow the signs to Suria KLCC mall. All very easy and a 20mins stroll.





KLCC Suria Mall is a very trendy mall under the Petronas Twin Towers at KLCC. The Mall is divided to three sections. One section is dedicated to designer and branded goods. The other two sections carry more affordable goods and labels such as Marks and Spencers, Esprit, MNG, Zara and Levi's. It also has some excellent stores for children clothing and a Toys R Us on the upper floors. There are two food courts in this mall; the second level food court for the more expensive international cuisine and the local authentic Malaysian food court on the fourth floor. The fourth floor is also occupied by many posh and trendy restaurant with waitresses standing outside to bring in the next potential customer. Tower Records on the Concourse Level is a must for Music lovers, there is also a supermarket and bakery on the same floor. Other fast food restaurants such as Burger King and A&W, money changers (with very good rates), an ATM and Maybank are found on this level. The other restaurants, Steak house and cafes facing the KLCC Park offers great views and a wonderful dining experience. The Mall is connected to the KLCC Monorail station.The other tenants in this building include the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, The Aquaria KLCC as well as the Petroscience Exhibition Hall. You can walk to the KLCC Convention Building and towards the Traders Hotel using the covered walkway/tunnel. Nearest station - KLCC.



Petaling Street / Chinatown is the best place for replicas or fake branded accessories, handbags, watches, clothing and cosmetics. In addition they sell a lot of other great gifts for those at home and delicious fruits, local snacks and food.  You might want to avoid going there on a Friday afternoon as the traffic is too terrible due to Friday Prayers. Get ready for some hard-work of bargaining and try avoid paying more than RM50 - RM150 for a replica handbag. DVDs and CDs (copies of course) are available at every corner. 

Pasar Seni/Central Market is just a stone's throw away from Petaling Street, this market specialises in local arts and handicrafts and its a good choice for someone looking for ethnic jewelery, clothing, accessories and home decor items as well as local handcrafted gifts. The complex is spacious and clean, making way for small bazaar stalls and aspiring artists as well as shops stacked to the top with all kinds of items. This is a great place for items you won't normally find at the malls such as a Kelantan Kite, beaded, silver and shell jewelery; embroidered Songkets and hand-painted sarongs; beaded and Chinese style jewellery boxes; Malaysian dresses and cheongsams; sculptures of all kinds; and you can even get a painting or a sketch of yourself from one of the many local sketchers on the ground floor.  The nearest monorail station is Pasar Seni station. 




Mid-Valley Mega Mall / The Gardens is near Bangsar which is a very hip and trendy place with excellent restaurants and bars. Around a fifteen-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur centre. This shopping centre has everything you can imagine. Nearest train station is MidValley station (one stop away from KL Sentral with KTM Komuter).


1Utama Mall is in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, 20 minutes travel from Kuala Lumpur centre. 

The Curve Mall is in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 20 minutes trave from Kuala Lumpur centre

Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya The Atria Mall in Damansara Jaya IOI Putrajaya Mall in Putrajaya Alamanda Mall in Putrajaya Sunway Pyramid Mall in Bandar Sunway

Wet Markets

This is a good insight for those who are interested in local markets selling perishable goods. The largest and most colorful market in town is the Pudu Market/Jalan Pasar market. This market sells everything from fresh frogs (for frog legs porridge), vegetable and fruits, spices, dried goods, seafood, fresh meat to electronics, clothing and toys. The wet market is open very early usually at 7am and closes at about 2pm. Wear your best covered shoes because the streets are pretty wet and lined with litter.

The Chow Kit Indoor wet market is slightly out of town, but it is open all day and its much larger than the Jalan Pasar Market.

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