Kuala Lumpur is located so closely to the equator that its weather varies very little, if at all, throughout the year.  The average temperature during the daytime is around 96 degrees F and at night around 65 degrees F.  However, although the temperature does not fluctuate throughout the year, the amount of average rainfall does.  Kuala Lumpur experiences more rain during the months of  February through May and September though November than it does for the remainder of the year. 

 You can find charts of the average monthly high and low temperatures and rainfall, as well as the government's seven-day weather forecast and the up-to-the-moment weather at Kuala Lumpur's International Airport at this Kuala Lumpur Weather Page.

Visitors enjoy coming to Kuala Lumpur twelve months of the year, but it seems to be most popular during the Northern Hemisphere's winter season when vacationers are seeking to get away from the cold.  For a daily forecast of Kuala Lumpur's weather click here .