In Kyoto, there are plenty of things to do.  You can stay entertained no matter how long you stay.  Be it shopping, sight-seeing, or just enjoying your time, you will find something to do in Kyoto.

Sight-seeing is a MUST in Kyoto.  If you miss out on the temples dotting the Kyoto landscape, you miss out on what Kyoto is all about.  A great idea is to take bus tours. Day  tours are sold out in front of the Kyoto Station. For about 8000 yen, or $80, you can take tours that travel all around the city. A fantastic and value for money tour is Kyoto Night Cruise Bus Tour. For 2100 yen or $21, you can enjoy a tour of Kyoto's enchanting night scenery. 

Being that it is a large city, there are plenty of places to shop.  Interesting souvenirs can be found at small shops tucked in and around the city.  A great place to shop that is more like a department store you’d find in the bigger American cities is Loft.  This department store is several stories, which each story housing different categories of products. 

If you’re looking for more authentic Japanese goods and produce, try the Nishiki Market.  This market is in a very old part of town, and most vendors live right above theirs shops.  Most of the market is covered with a very colorful ceiling, illuminating the narrow passageway hosting dozens and dozens of shops.  The neatest part about this market is every now and then off to the side, you can make a turn and walk into a beautiful shrine area.

Some of the bus tours stop at the Kinkakuji Temple, or “Golden Pavilion.” This temple’s upper stories are completely covered in gold.  Another temple is Kiyomizudera Temple, which means “Pure Water Temple.”  This is the most heralded temple in all of Kyoto, and for good reason.  An ornate and brilliantly painted gate welcomes each visitor, and the massive terrace gives guests a beautiful look over Kyoto. 

Additionally, wonderful cities including Uji, Osaka, and Kobe (Tokyo’s competing city), are not too far out of the way.  Each of these cities also has their own special parts to visit.