The public transportation throughout China is generally very good.  This is no different in the city of Guilin, as intercity buses and taxis are available for local transportation, and various train and coach companies connect the city to many major cities in China.  You can search Guilin Bus Lines.

            There are three bus stations in Guilin: the Chief Bus Station, the Chengnan Bus Station and the Beimen Bus Station.  The old railway station in the west is the place to go for destinations relatively close to Guilin (such as Xing'an and Yangshuo), including city stops.  The new intercity station (located in the city center) is the hub for travel throughout the rest of China, and various companies make stops at this station.  Don’t let long distance bus travel in China scare you, as most cross-country coaches are generally very comfortable.

            Taxis are widely available throughout Guilin, and they are a great means of transportation.   Taxis can be found on the sides of major roads, but the best places to look are major public areas such as airports, train and bus stations, and outside of major hotels.   

            Much of China is connected by a vast network of trains. This is a good way to get to Guilin, as it is much cheaper than flying. Guilin has two train stations: Guilin Station (Guilin Zhan) is on Zhongshan Nanlu and Guilin North Station (Guilin Bei Zhan). Most travelers use Guilin North, but check your tickets carefully to be sure.

For more information, you can check Guilin Train Schedules on the web.