Moscow offers an impressive choice of entertainment. The Bolshoi Theatre's ballet and opera stars are world-renowned. Universal recognition has been won by the Maly, Art, Vakhtangov and Taganka theaters that stage classical plays by Chekhov, Ostrovsky, Shakespeare, Shaw and Ibsen. Avant-garde works by modern Russian and foreign playwrights are also very popular. Today there are over 90 professional and amateur theaters in Moscow.

Increasingly, new rock and jazz clubs, nightclubs and casinos spring up all over the city. The Circus is an obvious choice for children. There are two to choose from, Great Moscow Circus on Prospekt Vernadskogo  and Nikulin's Old Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Moscow's best concert halls - Tchaikovsky Hall and Moscow Conservatoire offer rich and varied programmes.

Finding a good performance or event can be confusing. Non-Russian speakers are better off booking tickets through a hotel concierge.