There is an overwelming number of restaurants in Langkawi and in particualrly around Pantai Cenang. Whist you will see many of the cheap streetstalls and restaurants, take in mind that there are some high quality restaurants providing very good value taking in consideration the ambience, cleanliness, comfort, service, food quality and the unique locations within Langkawi. 

These Restaurants are a list that use high quality ingredients, generally do not use MSG or artificial flavours. Please feel free to add more "quality" restaurants for those who like good quality dining experiences.

Beach Garden Restaurant (Pantai Cenang right on the Beach)

Casa del Mar Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Bon Ton

Four Seasons

L'Osteria - Pantai Tengah - Italian

Tapas at Telaga Harbour  (you MUST try their Pate)

Pelangi Beach Grill

Putumayo - Pantai Cenang - Eurasian - opened Nov 2007

Orchid Ria - Pantai Cenang - Chinese - Seafood

Tulsi Gardens - Pantai Tengah - Indian

There are many options and dining experiences in Langkawi - make the most of your holiday.

 Casa del Mar Restaurant

Above: Casa del Mar - great location for sunset cocktails and Dinner

Below: Beach Garden Restaurant - Dining on the Beach

Beach Garden Restaurant - Pantai Cenang - Langkawi

17th November 2010: After trying a number of restaurants in Langkawi, be pleasantly surprise to discover one of the best seafood restaurants in Langkawi, namely, the Wonderland Seafood Store in Kuah. Despite its name and the modest front (from the road), it offers the best quality, no nonsense, great food for your money. This stall (which looks like a hawker stall) has been around for a number of years. Expect to spend between RM$65 to RM$80 for 3 persons sharing a 700g fresh fish (which includes groupa, red snapper, sea bass), prawns (giant, mantis), squid, vegetables, and masses amount of rice. A can of local beer is RM$3.50. Although it is not air-conditioned, there are plenty of fans to keep you cool. The service is polite, efficient, honest, expects no service charge or tips. They will sell whatever that is fresh and nothing less, and will tell you so when you order. Do not be put off by the pricing per 100g of seafood unlike elsewhere where you might feel a sense that you are being cheated. The menu appears limited by its 2 page menu, but the variety of how its seafood is cooked is more than ample. In other words, it is very good in what it does.