Most popular spot for diving, This inlet lies 45 minutes from Fethiye harbour. You will see a monastery on top of the mountain among the pinetrees - 'Afkule' supposedly named after a priest called Afkulu who lived there.  The deep waters are home to 2 caves. The boats anchor in close to 40m depth. First dive starts at cave with deeper entrance, 27 meters, where you are greeted with many colours. The sandy bottom is at 40 m. Interior of cave rises to 7 m. There you can see wonderful coloured sponges, groupers, brown meagres,  Please be careful not to break the sea lace bryozoans on the rocks with your fins.  After you leave cave you swim 70 m at depth of 15 m and you will enter a second cave through large hole - this is Turkish Hamam.   There is a hole at top which filters light into cave and makes it interesting. 


Near Afkule.  A cave which has an entrance at 26 meters.  The shrimps inside cove at 18 metres are the main attraction, hence the name of 'Shrimps Cove'.  The cove is wide enough for one person.  You will feel very cold fresh water that comes from between the rocks as you swim to depth of this cave and the temperature will drop to 10 Celsius. 


Lots of Barracuda fish to see. Beautiful spot for wall diving to east of reef, which starts at 14 metres and goes down to 42 m.  You can also see groupers and striped groupers among the many coloured rocks. When you head back to the north of the reef its possible to see moray eels hiding in the nearby coves.


Three tunnels with a triangular shaped space between. The rocks start where first dive begins at 18 m. The tunnels are full of fish and have an exit at 30 metres. Surrounding the rocks you will see skate, and green painted wrasse in the neptun grass.


This island situated in the open sea is home to much sealife and the visibility is up to 45 metres in its clear waters. This is a wall dive for expert divers who are proficient in using their B.C. The sea map shows that the side of this island facing the open sea drops to hundreds of meters hence the diving boats have to anchor on the western side of the island.  Inexperienced divers are recommended to keep  to 25 m maximum depth.  Amphoras, striped groupers and crustaceans are seen among the rocks.   If you are proficient here you may dive down to 50 metres. A sea turtle has been known to be seen in the open waters here.


Furthest diving point in Fethiye so dive centers travel here perhaps once in their busy week's schedule.  The diving point is at the outskirts of steep slopes where the mountains join the sea.  It is rich in Amphoras.  The underwater has a slow inclining depth structure.  The rocks and their surrounds are full of fish and most are covered with broken pieces of clay pitchers which go back years into ancient history.


Not good visibiliy in this diving point but used for its closeness to Fethiye inlet -  generally used as a 2nd dive spot.  The depth varies between 14-17 metres.  It consists of small and large amphoras whose broken fragments are welded to the rocks.  This inlet is also a frequent spot for boats departing off on blue cruises.