The history of Antalya is long and rich, with evidence of human life in the area extending as far back as the Neolithic Period, if not further.  Though not a lot of information is currently available about the exact nature of the historic civilizations of Antalya, it is believed that the area has been touched by people from a number of different ancient groups over time.

In modern history, the important events in Antalya began occurring in the seventh century BC, when the Lydian Kingdom took over the area.  They controlled the area for approximately one hundred and fifty years until they were defeated by the Persians who then controlled the area for a time.  Battles raged in the area and control of Antalya passed hands many times.  A period of major development for the area occurred in the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. when the Byzantines controlled Antalya.

Antalya was first taken over by Turks in the beginning of the thirteen century.  Since that time, it has grown as a city.  The Turkish Republic itself was founded in 1923 and Antalya is officially registered as a province of that Republic.

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